Supporting Opportunity in Schools:
Promoting Educational Equity (S.O.S.)



Logo Competition

One of the activities of the project has been the organization of a competition to choose the logo of the project. This activity was carried out in the schools of the project or in schools linked to the participating organizations. The activity was intended to encourage students and schools to understand the concept of equity and to become aware of its importance. The evaluation of this activity was very satisfactory and many logos reflecting the concept of equity were created. The winning logo was drawn by a student from Istituto Casati in Italy.

Erasmus+ Corner

Erasmus+ Corner is a dissemination activity, which consists of a noteboard in each partner institution with information about the project. It is displayed in a public busy place so that staff and visitor can easily see updated information about the project.

Press releases & conferences

Below you will find evidences of some dissemination activities of the project: press releases, conferences, seminars, merchandising...

  • Departament d'Ensenyament of Catalonia download
  • Istituto Casati download
  • Scholengroep Brussel download
  • Inspectorate of Education in Sibiu download